[X] Project [X] Prototype [X] Homemade available on server [X] Mail sent to boss [X] Project refactoring [X] Write scope and objectives [X] Rebuild main page using designed look [X] Port navigation to designed look [X] Rebuild graphs page layout [X] Dynamically load data sets [X] Progress bar test on low bandwidth [X] Transfer dataset uri to graph panel [!] Port digesting program [X] Finish graphs page [X] Rebuild graph panes [X] Rebuild time line pane [X] Rebuild 2D pane [X] Build 3D pane [X] Build selector pane [X] Rebuild clean crossfilter interaction [X] Sprint to clean usable graphs [X] Feedback [X] Head of dep. feedback for cleanup [!] Click on list does nothing [X] Contrast on selection grayed text [X] Count invisible when very small [X] Boss feedback for ergonomy [X] list update on 2d click [!] list filter on 3D click [X] Show grouping in list [X] Grouped by 2d or 3D [X] Click on folds/unfolds sub-property panel [!] Ordinal axises with SPACE separator for thousands [X] Boss feedback for roadmap [X] Install the new cleaned data set [X] Remove the "update" checkbox on list [X] columns shall be acid [X] Navigation/drilling/locking [X] Click on 2d bar locks 2d and shows 3D panel [X] Click on 3D bar locks 3D and stays on 3D panel [X] Click on 2D button locks 2d and shows 2d panel [X] Click on 3D button locks 2d and shows 3D panel [X] Add button ALL [X] Click on repartition bar locks tailnumber [!] And refresh filtering [X] And add button ALL in panel [!] Duplicate ALL/2D/3D buttons in repartition heading [X] Enhance [X] Add boundaries to brushes [X] Update axises scale on every brush event [X] Update total on brush [X] Next showcase mail to all [*] Feedback 2 [X] Workshop [ ] list sort order [ ] Drill re-sorts by ORD2 [ ] Sort order indicators [X] Make "top ten" limit parameterable (default=10) [X] Locked items at end of drill [ ] Change alterning colors to TWO only (alternate) [X] Resize graphs on window size [X] Time axises correction [X] KISS (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/KISS_principle) [X] Digest csv sources into a dataset [X] Barchart filtering Items [X] Drilled by All>2D>3D>Item [!] Representing percentage on top groupings [X] Counts used instead [!] With last line labelled "other", if any [X] Barchart item rate over lifetime [X] Grouped by year [X] Y axis is the frequency of KO [X] frequency(period) +/-= occurrences[status=KO]/occurrences(status=*) [X] With autozoom on x axis [X] Same price: Barchart item count over lifetime [X] If time: stacked bars KO/NotKO to show total workload sumed up [X] Resize graphs on window size [ ] Showcase [*] Wow effect [X] add jspdf print page, but still immature [ ] add csv export of full data set [ ] add csv export of current selection [ ] Next mail [X] Safety belt: IE8 not accurate (yet, see README) [*] Future [ ] Make a 'thousands' selection widget [ ] Comparison with last year [*] Make it IE8 compatible